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Smartmi VortexWave A1

How to build a map?

When using it for the first time, the robot has no map, and the map can be successfully created after the whole map is cleaned. The method of judging the successful establishment of the map: There is a map on the homepage of the device, and it has been automatically partitioned. After the robot is fully charged, start the robot...

What is the naming rule for the name of the scrubber robot in the process of networking?

zhimi -vacuum- wal_miap **** 

How does the robot enter pairing mode (reset Wi -Fi )?

Press and hold the power button and the recharge button at the same time for 3 seconds, you will hear the voice prompt " The robot is in network configuration via the “Mi Home / Xiaomi Home” app ", the power indicator and the recharge indicator will flash green, and the robot will enter the state of waiting to connect...

How to download and connect Mi Home APP?

Search for "Mi Home" in the app store, download and install the Mi Home APP ; press and hold the power button and the recharge button for 3 seconds at the same time , and hear the voice prompt " The robot is in network configuration via the “Mi Home / Xiaomi Home” app ”, the power indicator and the...

How to maintain the battery?

The robot has a built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium- ion battery pack. To maintain battery performance, please keep it charged every day. If you do not use it for a long time, please turn it off and store it, and charge it at least once every three months to avoid damage to the battery due to overdischarge.

How to add water or clean the water tank during the cleaning process?

During the cleaning process , if you need to clean the water tank or add fresh water. Please short press the power button, the robot enters the pause state, open the face cover, and take out the water tank. After cleaning or adding water, put it back , close the cover, and short press the power button to continue the...

Under what circumstances will the robot recharge/self-clean?

The battery is less than 15 % during cleaning, or after cleaning , when the clean water tank is empty (the robot suspends the cleaning task and alarms the user to add water, and waits in place for 90s, if the user does not move after 90s, the robot automatically returns to charging base or starting position), when the sewage...

Will the robot go into sleep mode/automatically shut down?

The robot will enter the sleep state if it is still (not charging) and has no operation for more than 10 minutes; in the sleep state, short press any button to wake up the machine. The robot will automatically shut down (no beep) when it sleeps for more than 30 minutes without any task . In addition, it will automatically...

Can the APP switch the dry sweeping mode ?

The dry sweeping and scrubbing modes can only be switched by installing different upper covers of the water tank. The APP side cannot switch between dry sweeping and floor scrubbing.

What is living water scrubbing?

The robot continuously sprays the water in the clean water tank to the cleaning roller, and the cleaning roller rotates at high speed to scrub the ground, and cooperates with the suction effect of the large suction fan to recycle the cleaned mixed garbage and sewage into the sewage tank. The advantage of live water scrubbing is that it does...

What are the advantages and characteristics of the Smartmi VortexWave Robot Vacuum Cleaner ?

Smartmi VortexWave Robot Vacuum Cleaner, as a real floor scrubbing robot, realizes washing, mopping, sweeping, suction, four-in-one , recycling of clean water for washing the floor, cleaning the floor with running water, real-time self-cleaning of the roller brush, and super suction of 4000Pa; Continuous water spray + high speed + high suction, dry and wet garbage synchronous processing; dry sweeping...