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Why didn't the robot set the scheduled cleaning?

When the conditions for scheduled cleaning are not met, or the dependencies change , it will not be executed by default:

  1. Dependency changes: such as map invalidation, map change, area/partition change, etc., do not perform cleaning tasks,
  2. The reservation conditions are not met: if the water tank is empty, the scheduled cleaning will not be performed; if the battery is too low and charging, a message will be sent to prompt, and the scheduled cleaning will be performed when the allowable cleaning power is reached (the charging base allows the triggering of the cleaning power: 30%). and push messages;
  3. There is currently a task being executed, do not perform scheduled cleaning and push the message, and continue the current task. When the scheduled task is not executed, the robot will push a message, and the scheduled cleaning will not be executed. When the robot is in the task state, if Do Not Disturb is triggered, the robot will enter pause, and continue to execute the task after Do Not Disturb is over .