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Top Features

Natural convection

Large touch-screen interface

Dual-layered security

Compact and stylish

Precise temperature control

Aluminum-plated array construction

Aluminum-plated Ridges 2,200W Swift Heating


Ultra high heat-dispersal area


High-output rapid heating

Angled Honeycomb Air Grate for Efficient Heating

16-28°C Precise Heating Control
Your Temperature, Your Choice

Overheat / Fall-over
Auto-off Extra Layer of Security

Electrical cutoff if knocked over
Secure overheating sensor

Child lock

Secure overheating sensor

Fan-less Convection Heating, Heat Up without Drying Out

No internal fans

No light pollution

Gentle convection and air flow

APP Control + Scheduling, Warms You At Any Time

Mi Home app

Touch-screen to Adjust and Set the Temperature Easier

Touch screen control

Temperature and humidity display

Preset shut-off time

IPX4 Anti-water Protection

Attractive to Look at,
Compact to Store and Move

Even More Attention to Detail

Embedded Handles on Both Sides Easier Placement

Round Angle Design Resistant to Any Potential Damage from Being Knocked Over

Slide Resistant
More Stable, More Secure

Smart Fan Heater

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Convector Heater 1s

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