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Convector Heater 1s

 · Aluminum-plated ridges
 Honeycomb air grate
 · 16-28°C Heat control
 · Smart control
 · IPX4 Anti-water
 · Safety child lock


    2-year Warranty

    Free Shipping

    Quality Guarantee

    Aluminum-plated Ridges

    Honeycomb Air Grate

    16-28°C Heat Control

    Smart Control

    IPX4 Anti-water

    Safety Child Lock

    What's in the Box


    Please read our online user manual here.

    The heater 1s supports Mi Home APP.

    Before setting, please download the Mi Home APP and register your Mi ID. To Mi Home APP: reset the Wi-Fi setting of the standing fan following user manual, make sure the device is on the same Wi-Fi(2.4GHz required) network as your phone, press the + button on the top-right corner on the screen to start searching for the device. When it appears on the screen, press and enter the Wi-Fi password, then wait for the connection to complete. After establishing the connection, in just a few preference setting, your standing fan is good to go!

    Please check your cable connection first, try re-connecting the cable to test again. If you still can’t turn on the heater, please contact us.

    The connection only works under 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, please check your Wi-Fi setting.