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A New Wave of Home Cleaning
VortexWave™ Cleaning Technology

High Speed Roller-brush

Water-proof 4000Pa*

0.217ml/s Injection Precision*

Dry Sweeping / Wet Washing
No Restriction Cleaning

All Cleanings in One Brush

Water-proof Motor

Extra-large Water Tanks
One Refill For All Cleanings


Dirt Watertank
Real-time waste retrieval


Clean Watertank
Continuous fresh water


Cleaning Area
Cleaning in one refill

Different Modes for Different Dirts Pin-point Washing for Accidents

Light Cleaning

Normal Cleaning

Power Cleaning

LDS Laser Navigation Efficient Map Construction

Clean with APP Control One press to anywhere

Appointed Cleaning

Pin-point Cleaning

Separated Cleaning

No-go Setting

Smart Voice Notification Learn More in No Time

Water Capacity

Battery Life

Voice Alerts

Switch Modes

Two kinds of roller brush for different needs

Mixed Bristle

Soft Bristle

Quality in details

Cliff Sensing

OTA Upgrades

Hair Cutter

Washable Filter Net


Product Name

Model No


Robot Size

Robot Power

Battery Type


Battery Capacity


Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

Self-cleaning Charging Dock Size

407 × 370 × 205mm

Dock Power