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Smartmi VortexWave A1

Why is the color of the water tank whitish?

It is normal for the color of the water tank to turn slightly white after a period of use, and it will not affect the use of the water tank. Due to the inhalation of various dirty impurities in the sewage tank, long-term use by users may cause slight whitening.

Will the robot be disturbed in bright light?

The robot will not be disturbed by strong light in a general home environment. Because sunlight contains infrared light, when the intensity reaches a certain level, it may affect the robot's infrared sensor sensing and cause the sensor to misjudge (for example, the robot's path is abnormal). If this happens, observe whether the robot is not. Work under direct sunlight....

What is the range of infrared signal radiation of the charging base?

Based on the center position of the infrared window, the radiation range is 160 degrees symmetrical to the left and right.

What happens if the two charging poles on the rechargeable stand are short-circuited?

The adapter will enter the protection state, stop output, and automatically recover after short-circuit disconnection ( users are prohibited from doing this ).

How much power does a single battery consume when fully charged? (What is the power of the battery)

Consumption according to a single battery full charge: 16.8V*5.2Ah=87.36Wh=0.087 kWh;

After being fully charged, how long does it take to consume one degree of electricity in the continuous standby state?

About 16.67 days or so of electricity; After fully charged, the standby consumption is calculated as 2.5W: 2.5W*24h=60W.h per day, about 16.67 days a day kWh. The above power and voltage are estimated values.

What will happen if the sensor is blocked?

The front and rear positions of the robot and the infrared window of the charging base are blocked, which will cause the robot to fail to find the charging base ; The sensor along the wall on the right side of the robot is blocked, which will cause confusion in the mapping route , and it will not be able...

When cleaning along the wall , the ground that is 6 CM away from the wall cannot be cleaned?

 In order to avoid pollution or damage to the walls and walls, the robot will keep a certain safe distance from the walls.

How fast is the robot cleaning?

Floor ≈ 0.22m/s ; Carpet ≥ 0.2m/s .

What happens when the charging connection is accidentally disconnected by external force?

Accidentally disconnected from charging, the robot will drive out of the charging base, enter the recharging mode, and recharge.

Is the robot trapped during the cleaning process?

If you cannot get out of trouble within 3 minutes, enter abnormal mode and alarm, and enter sleep mode after 10 minutes. In sleep mode , you can wake up the robot through the APP . If the robot is not awakened in sleep mode and there is no other operation, the robot will shut down after 30 minutes. ,...

How will the host adjust when performing the recharge task?

During the recharging process , the roller brush rotates at a slow speed: 400rpm, the fan runs with the suction of the dry sweeping and light pollution gear ( the fan does not start during the process of finding the charging seat when the low-power recharging and the sewage tank are fully recharged ), and the water pump remains off;...

What kind of solid particles can 4 000 Pa suck up?

Soybean-like objects, small sand, pebbles, etc.

Will manually pushing the robot generate voltage and cause damage to the product?

Occasional pushing will not cause damage to the robot, but try not to push the robot manually for a long time.

If the universal wheel does not turn, what will be damaged? What should I do?

Instruct the customer to try to clean the garbage and hair between the universal wheel and the shell, etc. If it still does not turn after cleaning, guide the customer to apply for after-sales maintenance. The specific reason is subject to the engineer's inspection.

Customers feedback that your products are not smart?

Thank you for choosing to use our product. There may be some shortcomings in the equipment, but the product supports O TA online upgrade, and the performance will continue to be improved. I also hope that you can contact us if you have any good suggestions during use to help the product. Improve faster.