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Top 10 Questions about Smartmi VortexWave Robot Cleaner

Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot Cleaner launched worldwide recently, and more than 100K dollars are funded in less than 1 day. This VortexWave robot is the latest innovation from smartmi, which can wash, mop, sweep and vacuum dirt, dust, debris at the same time. 

Here are the top 10 questions about smartmi Vacuum VortexWave Robot, please check!


Q1: What is the battery life of the Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot and how long can a full charge last? 

A1: Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot with 5200mAh battery for a long-lasting time.The VortexWave robot can run 2 Hours+ Run Time on a single charge, which is fully operational for up to 136mins Run Time, on a single charge. At one time, when the power goes down, the robot will go to the charge station and start to charge itself automatically. After setting, it will continue cleaning the task where it left off. The owner does not have to put too much effort into manipulating the robot to achieve a fully automatic charging cycle.


Q2:What type of brush does Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot have? How does the brush work on the carpet?

A2:Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot has two kinds of roller brushes for different needs. One is called “Mixed Roller Brush” which is a standard brush for multiple scenarios. Best for matte/plastic floor or stubborn dirt removal. Another is called “Soft Roller Brush” which is a delicate brush for gloss/wooden floor and daily floor cleaning.

Smartmi VortexWave Robot's Multi-Surface Brush Roll uses an innovative microfiber and nylon brush to mop and pick up dry debris at the same time. Using this mode, the robot can work on carpets. It's perfectly safe and great for small touchups and quick cleans.

Regarding the use of smartmi robot on carpets, we would also like to remind you that although VortexWave Robot has a strong carpet cleaning ability, it is still recommended that you use VortexWave robot on low pile carpetsand refrain from high pile carpets (the ones that your hands can sink into). To be exact, this robot can normally cross thresholds up to 12 mm high and reach most areas in the home.


Q3: Can Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot solve the problem of hair and pet hair on the floor?

A3: Of course, smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot works very well with pet hair. The spin mop handles short hair with ease. For long hair, Smartmi VortexWave has a hair cutter as an accessory to manually remove hair instantly, Which is called “Hair Shredding”.


Q4: How much water can be stored in the Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot's water tank at one time? How long can the water tank be used at a time when it is full? 

A4: Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot includes two separate tanks, the clean water tank holds 600ml and the dirty water tank holds 360ml. Fresh clean water is never contaminated by water from the mopping pads because the used water is isolated in a separate compartment.

Also, when smartmi VortexWave robot runs on Deep Clean Mode it lasts about 54mins of cleaning time. Moreover, smartmi VortexWave robot works similar to powerful Handheld Dry & Vac Cleaner that vacuums & washes simultaneously with water. It is suggested to refill water regularly.


Q5: What about avoidance obstacles? Can the smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot climb a ramp or door threshold?

A5: Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot will have Obstacles Avoidance, Smart Mapping, and Navigation. The robot can climb between door ramps (12mm and below) with ease. The robot also has a falling-proof 8cm detection height.

Q6: What is the self-cleaning meaning for?

A6: Smartmi VortexWave Robot Self-Cleans while moping, the mops spin at 1600 rotations per minute for scrubbing the floor and self-cleans against the onboard soft scraper at the same time to get rid of excess debris and water. Upon returning to the charging station, it will enter Deep Self-Clean Mode spinning at 2000 rotations per minute. 


Q7: Can Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot be used on many materials on the floor?

A7: Of course, you can use dry sweeping or wet washing mode to clean all kinds of stubborn & sticky residue on many materials floor. Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot has a Multi-Surface Brush Roll that uses an innovative microfiber and nylon brush to mop and pick up dry debris at the same time. The pioneering unibody cleaning structure comes with a patented water/gas separation runner design. Washing, mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming can all be finished with just one roller brush. One cleaning robot works as four.  Living room, kitchen, or bathroom, the robot vacuum cleaner applies different cleansing techniques according to the real-life situation, giving you spotless space. 


Q8: Does Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot have its own app?

A8: As part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot is integrated into Mi Home and Alexa.

You can set up Siri Shortcuts by the following: Use Mi Home app which supports scenes through shortcuts. In Mi Home app, go to Profile -->Lab Features-->iOS shortcut --> Turn on add the Mi Home scene to the shortcut. Moreover, if you are located in Europe, you can choose the European server, which can be switched to the local server by selecting "Region." 


Q9: Which function does the Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot app have?

A9:  In the Mi Home app, access the device home page, click on the upper right corner menu bar, and select to enter the consumables record interface, you can see the washing filter sponge, dry sweep filter components, and roll brush can use the remaining time.

It is recommended that the remaining 10% of the time buy supplies, to reach 0% after the timely replacement, to ensure the best cleaning effect. In addition, if the two brushes are used alternately, the app is set to record the use time of one brush, as a reference for changing the brush.


Q10: Can Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot App save multiple maps?

A10: Smartmi VortexWave Vacuum Robot can save up to 10 multiple maps.

Moreover, the robot can do the following customization to fit your needs:

  • Customize Schedule Cleaning
  • Spot Cleaning that you Appoint Cleaning Zone/Area for accidental spills
  • Rooms Sequencing Kitchen Heavy Duty/Bedroom Light Cleaning
  • Virtual Walls for No-Go Zones

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