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Air Purifier P1

Where should I place my air purifier?

Please make sure that your device is in a room that fits our recommended size for the best purification efficiency. Please do not place the device in a corner too close to back walls to prevent air blockage, some extra room around the device would help you clean the room air better.

When do I need to replace my filter?

The filter replacement period depends on the daily air quality of your living space. General recommended replacement time is 6-12 months. If your house has an open kitchen or has many pets or has in-door smoking activity, we suggest you shorten the replacement time accordingly. Where to get the filter? Visit here.

How to replace my filter?

Please read the instruction to finish the replacement of filter. The filter bay opens up when you turn the handle counter-clockwisely on the bottom of P1.

Why can't I find my P1 on smartmi llink APP?

The connection only works under 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, please check your Wi-Fi setting.

How can I restart my P1?

Turn off the P1, then unplug the cord for 30 seconds to re-connect and turn on again.

My P1 is connected to the power socket but it doesn't work.

Please check your cable connection first, try re-connecting the cable to test again. If you still can’t turn on the P1, please contact us.

My P1 doesn't respond to smart home control.

Please try re-setting the Wi-Fi on your P1 following user manual and re-connect with the smartmi link APP, then connect with other platforms again.

How do I connect my P1 to APP/Homekit/Google Assistant/Alexa?

Before setting, please download the smartmi link APP and register your smartmi ID。 To smartmi link APP: reset the Wi-Fi setting of P1 following user manual, make sure the P1 is on the same Wi-Fi(2.4GHz required) network as your phone, the P1 should automatically* display on the APP to be connected. Choose the Wi-Fi and enter the password, then wait...

How many smart home controls does P1 support?

P1 supports smartmi link APP/Apple Homekit/Google Assistant/Alexa.

How do I set up my P1?

Please read our online user manual here.