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Raindrop Enhanced Evaporation Technology

Visible Raindrops

White Noise

Natural Anion

Fresh Air

Extra-large Watertank

Top-fill Design

Polymer Filter

Smart Control

Intelligent constant humidity system

Raindrop Enhanced Evaporation Technology
Raining for you at home

Working structure of the patent humidification technology

Polymer Filter Full infiltration, multiplied humidification efficiency

Visible Raindrops Design

Raindrops falling
Worries disappearing

Release Natural Anion
Good air taking good mood

Fresh Anion

Fresh Air

Extra-large Watertank
Add water once, wet for 15 hours


3L large-capacity water tank


200mL/h humidifying capacity


15 hours continuous humidification

Gushing Water Nourish air with large area coverage

Dome LED-screen Top-fill water, real-time water level display

Washable Polymer Filter, Filter out impurities and recycling use

APP & AI Voice Control
Moist air, always available

Power off automatically when water shortage or accidental tipping
Dual safety protection

Quality Details, Quality Experience


Product Name

Model No.

Operating Principle


Net Weight

Approx. 3.3 kg



Rated Humidifying Capacity


Rated Water Tank Capacity