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What kinds of air-drying modes are there? What's the difference?

The robot has two kinds of air-drying functions, namely, the robot air-drying and the charging base air-drying.

Robot air-drying function: After the roller brush self-cleaning in the scrubbing mode , the robot automatically performs the roller brush air-drying task for 8 hours (using the internal waterproof fan), and the air-drying stops when the time is up. Note: After the roller brush is self-cleaning in dry sweeping mode , the brush air-drying task will not be performed. When the robot is cleaned, it will be recharged with low power. After charging , it will continue to scan at breakpoints. This charging process does not perform air-drying tasks.

Air-drying function of the charging base: The robot charging base has an intelligent roller brush recognition function. When the charging base recognizes that a roller brush is installed, the charging base automatically performs a 12-hour air-drying task on the roller brush (the charging base has a built-in small fan). Air drying stops.