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What are the advantages and characteristics of the Smartmi VortexWave Robot Vacuum Cleaner ?

Smartmi VortexWave Robot Vacuum Cleaner, as a real floor scrubbing robot, realizes washing, mopping, sweeping, suction, four-in-one , recycling of clean water for washing the floor, cleaning the floor with running water, real-time self-cleaning of the roller brush, and super suction of 4000Pa; Continuous water spray + high speed + high suction, dry and wet garbage synchronous processing; dry sweeping + floor scrubbing two cleaning modes, the integrated design of the sewage tank, adding water and cleaning synchronously; the robot has a 600ml clean water tank and a 360ml sewage tank, The ground is cleaned deeply and efficiently, the clean water is used to recycle the sewage, the sweeping , mopping, suction and washing are integrated, and there is no need to return to the base station. Glossy floor, plastic floor and stubborn stains that are difficult to clean; pure soft brush, fine soft brush, suitable for high-gloss floors, wooden floors and daily cleaning and maintenance; LDS lidar 8m ranging, equipped with precise navigation system And SLAM algorithm, while cleaning and mapping, easy to deal with complex environments, intelligent path planning, real-time route display; low-noise air-drying by rolling brush, and air-drying by robot:

No need to take out the roller brush, it automatically starts to air dry the roller brush after self-cleaning, multiple noise reduction, the roller brush is fluffy and dry without peculiar smell; air-drying on the charging base: the intelligent roller brush is detected in place, and it starts to air dry when it is put in, preventing moisture and mildew; 4000Pa hurricane suction Wet and dry dual-purpose high-performance waterproof fan, combined with long-haired roller brush, deeply cleans the floor stains; 5200mAh large-capacity battery, no anxiety about battery life, taking into account suction and battery life, providing strong power for cleaning; no need to worry about the whole cleaning process, low-power automatic recharging , After the battery is fully charged, it will automatically continue to scan at breakpoints to prevent missed scans.