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Evaporative Humidifier 2

 · Fogless Evaporation
 · Natural Humidification
 · 4L Water Tank
 · Top-fill Design
 · Touch-screen Display
 · Smart Home Control


2-year Warranty

Free Shipping

Quality Guarantee

Fogless Evaporation

Natural Humidification

4L Water Tank

Top-fill Design

Touch-screen Display

Smart Home Control

What's in the Box


Rated Power

Net Weight

Gross Weight

Rated Voltage



240mm x 240mm x 363mm

Package Dimensions

300mm x 300mm x 430mm


Please read our online user manual here.

The humidifier 2 supports Mi Home APP/Apple Homekit/Google Assistant/Alexa.

Before setting, please download the Mi Home APP and register your Mi ID.

To Mi Home APP: reset the Wi-Fi setting of the humidifier following user manual, make sure the device is on the same Wi-Fi(2.4GHz required) network as your phone, press the + button on the top-right corner on the screen to start searchingfor the device. When it appears on the screen, press and enter the Wi-Fi password, then wait for the connection to complete. After establishing the connection, in just a few preference setting, your humidifier is good to go!

To Google Assistant: after connecting to smartmi link APP, open Google Home APP, press the setting(in gear icon) button on the middle of the screen, then scroll down and select "Works on Google". Search "smartmi family", then follow the steps thereafter to finish the setting.

To Alexa: after connecting to smartmi link APP, open Alexa APP, select the "Device" section, then press the "Your Smart Home Skill" under "Add Device" section. On the next page, press the search(in magnifier icon) button on the top-right corner, search "smartmi family", then follow the steps thereafter to finish the setting.

Please check your cable connection first, try re-connecting the cable to test again. If you still can’t turn on the humidifier, please contact us.

Turn off the humidifier, then unplug the cord for 30 seconds to re-connect and turn on again.

The connection only works under 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, please check your Wi-Fi setting.