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Purify private spaces

Easy to handle

Compact design

Purify a room of 161sq.ft 6 times in one hour

99.98% nanoscale filtration

Smart Control

Automatic optimal purification speed

Real time air quality display

Company with you quietly

Two types of filters

Easy to handle

Compact design like a potted plant

Plug and Play
Fully charged in 6 hours

Fire protection

Battery indicator

360° stirring air circulationPurify a room of 161sq.ft 6 times in one hour

Particles CADR


99.98% nanoscale filtration
Whole house pollution, comprehensive purification


Pet odor

Pet hair

Pet dander




Volcanic ash

Smart ControlClean air, get it anytime

Auto Protection ModeReal-time Monitoring , Optimal purification

PM2.5/PM10 laser particle sensor
Monitor air quality accurately

Monitoring indoor respirable particulate matter pollution in the lungs.

Monitor indoor pet dander, pollen allergens and other coarse particulate pollution.

LCD Screen

PM10 Warning light

PM 2.5

Timed Shutdown

Battery Notification

Improve your sleep environmentEnjoy deep sleep

Sleep mood light

18dB soft sound

Colorful Mood Light Variety is the spice of life

Two types of filter for different needs

Pet Filter

Pollen Filter

Product Parameters

Particles CADR

Recommended Room Size


APP + AI voice Smart control

Smartmi Link

Hey Google


Apple HomeKit


Size : ϕ220 × 369mm
Net Weight : Approx 3.3kg
Application area : 180-310sq.ft(16-28m²)
Noise : 18dB
Rated voltage : 100-240V AC
Rated Power : 45W


PM10/PM2.5 | Dual-purpose laser particle sensor

Light Sensor | Real-time screen brightness adjustment