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5 tips to survice the pollen season

What is pollen?

Pollen is the sperm cell of plants. It is one of the most common seasonal allergens thanks to the protein elements inside that cause allergies so easily. The size of pollen is usually invisible between 20-50 μm, but large quantity of falling pollen will form pollen dust that looks like smog.
Picture of pollen

How to know you are pollen allergic?

Pollen-allergic physique would experience allergic symptoms(listed below) immediately after physical contact with pollen.
  • Nasal symptoms: paroxysmal / continuous sneezing, watery / itchy / stuffy nose;
  • Facial features symptoms: itchy / teary eyes / external ear canals / soft palate;
  • Respiratory tract symptoms: continuous coughing / asthma;
  • Skin symptoms: erythema / papules / blisters.
If you often experience these symptoms when near the plants, that indicates you're allergic to pollen.

Why do I sneeze a lot when pollen gets in my nose?

The size of pollen is usually larger than 10 μm, which makes it an easy sediment on nasal cavity, causing paroxysmal / continuous sneezing or watery / itchy / stuffy nose.

Why does pollen cause eye redness and tearing?

Just like what we mentioned above, the size of pollen is the main culprit. It is easy to stay on conjunctiva, causing itchy / teary eyes.

5 tips to help you relieve from the pollen allergy.

#1: Keep your distance. To prevent pollen allergies, the first thing to do is to walk away from the pollen --- keeping distance from allergen is the direct way to avoid contact.Keep social distance#2: Re-arrange your in-door plants. If you have plants in the house, move them away from your close living space(like moving them outdoors) in pollen season to prevent direct contact.

Re-arrange your indoor plants

#3: Get an air purifier. An air purifier would purify your living space in just a few minutes. This works especially well if you are keen to keep your plants indoors for better care of them. As a matter of fact, the same allergy issue might also happen when you are raising pets in the house. Choosing a proper filter for your air purifier would also help improve the purification efficiency.

#4: Mask yourself. Putting on a mask physically screens the pollen particles outside.

Mask Yourself

#5: Consult your doctor. If #1-4 still couldn't help you relieve from the symptoms, we highly recommend you to consult with local doctor to seek out medical solutions.