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There is abnormal sound/noisy at work, how to troubleshoot?

  1. Confirm that the water tank is installed correctly. If the filter element is washed with water, please make sure that it is completely dried before using it;
  1. Open the roller brush cover, take out the roller brush, and clean the roller brush hair with a scraper;
  2. After shutting down, take out the water tank , turn the robot over, and check whether the driving wheel is blocked by foreign objects. If there is any foreign matter , please clean it up in time, and press the driving wheel to observe whether it can rebound normally;
  3. APP has a cleaning intensity adjustment function. If the heavy-dirt gear is used for cleaning, the sound of the robot will be relatively loud. It is recommended to use the light-dirty gear ;
  4. Please check whether the clean water tank is empty or the clean water is too low. When the clean water tank is empty or the water is too low, there will be gas in the water pipe and abnormal noise when cleaning.