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Is the robot trapped during the cleaning process?

If you cannot get out of trouble within 3 minutes, enter abnormal mode and alarm, and enter sleep mode after 10 minutes. In sleep mode , you can wake up the robot through the APP . If the robot is not awakened in sleep mode and there is no other operation, the robot will shut down after 30 minutes. , the location of the robot when the robot is turned off will be displayed on the APP map, which is easy to find .

off during the cleaning process ?

A: When only the network is disconnected, the robot will continue to perform the current task offline, and the APP will lose its control ability. The buttons on the robot host can be controlled. After triggering the recharge, the robot will return to the charging base ; only when the power is off , the robot will continue to perform the current task and trigger the After recharging , the base station cannot be found, and the recharging fails.