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Smartmi Life··Air Purifier

Cordless, Portable, Powerful!Smartmi Reveals an Airpurifer with battery

Smartmi Technology launchs its new air purifier worldwide——smartmi air purifier P2. This product is based on smartmi's ace product air purifier P1, with a more technological and stylish appearance, and can be used wirelessly. As its product slogan shows: cordless, portable, powerful!

Smartmi Airpurifier P2 is compatible with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Smartmi Link, and Amazon Alexa 

Smartmi Air purifier P2 has high air purification efficiency and is compatible with many intelligent control systems. The design logic of this product also focuses on the using-experience and interaction with the consumer:
  • Built-in Battery, Cordless and Portable to Carry Anywhere
  • PM2.5/PM10 Laser Particle Sensor
  • Powerful Purification with CADR 240m³/h
  • Smart control with HomeKit/Alexa/Google Assistant/Smartmi Link App
  • Night Atmosphere Lamp

Clourful Lights of Smartmi Airpurifier P2

Clourful Lights of Smartmi Airpurifier P2

As an essential player in the air purifier field, smartmi sets foot in environmental home appliances and places a continuous development of air purification products in 8 years. Smartmi's designs have also been recognized by global design awards and renowned industrial designers, such as Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award, Good Design Award,.etc. As its core value goes, Design For the Future.

Smartmi P2's product manager said, we hope to provide a truly portable and effective air purifier to our consumers during the P2 design process. We face difficulties in balancing the endurance time and P2's filtration performance. On the basis of smartmi P1, our team tried a lot, and slightly adjusted the size of air purifier to achieve this innovative and optimized design for the different scenario needs.

Smartmi Air Purifier P2 Sketch

The smartmi air purifier P2 has been  first crowdfunded on Kickstarter on 19th Oct, 2022 and will gradually launch in various countries and markets in 2023. If you are interested in this product, subscribe to our Kickstarter Page.
For more about smartmi Air Purifier P2, welcome to visit our official brand website.