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What is CADR?

The Clean Air Delivery Rate(CADR)is a standard index developed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) in the early 1980s. CADR indicates the volume of filtered air that an air cleaner delivers, with separate scores for tobacco smoke, pollen, and dust.

This figure is recognized by retailers, manufacturers, and other standard organizations in the industry of air purifiers. The higher the CADR number for each pollutant, the faster the air purifier filters the air.


How to Measure a CADR?

According to AHAM, a CADR figure is tested through a standardized method, in a test chamber with a volume of 1,008 cubic feet, and monitoring the air purifier filters the amount of dust, pollen, and smoke in space.

Smartmi Air Purifier2 in test chamber(the filtering speed has been accelerated)

To measure the effectiveness of removing different particle sizes, different types of particles are tested: smoke, pollen, and dust(PM2.5, PM10). Each is measured and assigned its own CADR score. 

How to find a suitable CADR to meet your needs?

As a rule of thumb, the suitable CADR figure in your room should be equal to at least 2-3 of the room's area. For instance, if your room is 120 square feet(about 11m2), your suitable air purifier must be with CADR 80 or more.

If you're living in an area that can be affected by wildfire, to remove wildfire smoke, AHAM recommends a Smoke CADR equal to the size of the room in square feet.

For more information and protection suggestions about wildfire season, please visit our blogs 

High CADR is not the sole criterion of a good air purifier

An air purifier with high CADR ratings indeed has a high fan power to cover a large size of room, while filter technology also plays a vital role in affecting the overall filtration of the air purifier. To know the cleaning capability, you should check for the filters and the technology of this air purifier.

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