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Smartmi VortexWave A1

Why is there a clicking sound for a few seconds at the beginning of the self-cleaning task?

A few seconds before the start of the cleaning task, due to the lack of water in the clean water pipeline, there will be a few seconds of idling time, resulting in a rattling sound. After the water is replenished, there will be no such sound.

Can I use "Xiao Ai" to control the washing machine?


What are the working conditions for self-cleaning tasks?

In the charging state, the power is not less than 5%, such as the sewage tank is full, the power is cut off or the self-cleaning is not performed in the charging state.

What will happen when the clean water tank is empty?

The robot stops the current cleaning task and gives a voice prompt " The water has been used up: Please refill the water and resume the self-cleaning task”.

How to suspend the air-drying task during the air-drying process of the host?

During the air-drying process of the robot, long press the power button to stop the current air-drying task and give a voice prompt.

What is the difference between the two types of roller brushes?

Hybrid roller brush : multifunctional universal roller brush, suitable for matte floors, vinyl floors and stubborn stains that are difficult to clean; Pure soft-bristled roller brush: fine and soft-bristled roller brush, suitable for high-gloss floors, wooden floors and daily cleaning and maintenance.

What is the difference between the three cleaning gears of the robot ?

Light dirt file : It is relatively clean in a home environment , and only needs to be properly wet and mopped once ; Standard file: suitable for daily maintenance of the family, the frequency of cleaning once a day on average; Heavy-duty gear: suitable for key cleaning with heavy-duty dry and wet mixed garbage.

Does the robot support the control of Tmall Genie and Xiaodu smart speakers?

Temporarily not supported.

Does the robot support voice control?

Direct voice control is not supported, but the voice control of Xiao Ai's smart speakers is supported.

What is the battery requirement to allow manual triggering of cleaning tasks?

When not on the charging base, the power to manually start cleaning tasks after low power is ≥15% . When on the charging cradle, the power to allow manual cleaning tasks to be started after low power is ≥30%.

Robot voice broadcast: how to solve internal errors?

Press the power button for 5s to force the shutdown , and restart the robot to remove the fault .

What is breakpoint resume scanning? What is the minimum amount of power required to trigger a breakpoint to resume scanning ?

If the power is insufficient during robot cleaning, the robot will automatically recharge, and continue to complete the cleaning task when the power is sufficient; the minimum power to trigger the breakpoint to continue scanning is 80% .

What systems does the app support?

The systems supported by the APP are: Android system 4.0 and above, IOS system 7.0 and above, and Hongmeng system.

How long does it take for the robot to be fully charged?

The robot automatically recharges when the battery is low, and it takes about 4-5 hours to fully charge.

Why did the robot fail to locate?

When the robot is not in the mapping area , the positioning will fail, and the robot will re- create the map and restart to clean.

How to upgrade the firmware of the robot? What are the prerequisites?

Open the APP to enter the device homepage, click the menu bar in the upper right corner, and choose to enter the firmware upgrade; before firmware upgrade, please make sure the robot is in the charging base and keep the power on, and the power required for firmware upgrade should be ≥15%.